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Launched in November 2018, the Sunday Edit is a beauty and lifestyle digital magazine. We are the brainchild of Sunday Riley Modern Skincare, a skincare company with high-tech formulas and targeted treatments for immediate and continued results. Beauty is in our blood, but we also know life exists beyond your medicine cabinet.

We wanted to create a 360° experience for our customers and introduce them to Sunday Riley the company, not just Sunday Riley the product. The Sunday Edit considers itself an outlier in the digital world — we are committed to bringing you content backed by science and research.

An unbiased source, we will cover the hottest trends on the market, always keep you in mind. In collaboration with contributors who have worked from Vogue to TIME, we produce content to make your life easier, but that also to makes you think.

Life is hectic — let the Sunday Edit be your guide.

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Beauty is our brand, and it will always be our first love. Speaking to dermatologists and top medical professionals, we will introduce you to new concepts sweeping the beauty world while being a warm reminder of the things you love. Beauty is all-encompassing, and so is our coverage of it because transparency is important to us. We want to spark a conversation on everything from vegan makeup to skin positivity — it sparks joy in us.

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We are about self-love, growth, mindfulness, and sustainability. Sustainability in the environment and in life. A sustainable life leads to happiness and over-all mental wellness. We recognize that we are always looking to better ourselves, and we want to bring you the resources to do so. Which means we will also take a deep dive into nutrition (think: supplements, myths, diets, fitness) bringing you the knowledge to live a healthier life. And if you want to read about holistic and spiritual remedies, this is a safe space.

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Everyone’s lifestyle is different, but our goal is to help you develop yours. And as an outcome, we can grow together. We can take a journey together — traveling from wellness destinations to top digital detox spots and airport spas around the globe. We will cover everything from style and recipes, created exclusively for the Sunday Edit, to interior design and Editor’s Choice. Make your life, yours — with a little help from us.

Affiliate Disclosure

We only recommend products we have independently researched, tested, and loved. And sometimes beauty brands and PR agencies will send us items for us to write about, but at the end of the day, our thoughts and opinions on our own. If you purchase a product found through our links, Sunday Edit may earn an affiliate commission.